From an early age Carolyn has been aware of spirit, her first experience of spirit was when she was about three ears of age, when an elderly man would appear and talk to her at night, in later years she would discover that this was the spirit of her Great Grandfather. Spending several childhood years in the care of her Grandmother who was herself a psychic, a tea leaf reader and spell caster  who would sit at the kitchen table offering tea and advice to women in the local community. This was a part of everyday life and it wasn't until Carolyn attended infant school that she soon began to realise that not everyone experienced what she did and this was when she knew that she was different to other children. Her life has been one of many experiences, having both the highs and lows life can bring but she views the experience as a means to understanding other people when relating to them. She is an energetic positive person with a zest for life, who both sees and has the ability to bring out the best in others. Cal Vingette

Having developed her psychic skills she is able to offer guidance and tutoring to others who would like to develop their abilities  to work as a professional psychic, or for some to use their abilities to enrich their every day lives. Carolyn mentors students on a one to one basis as well as giving continued support to students taking part in online classes and workshops. She describes describes her self as an eclectic mix of spiritual, psychological, philosophical and scientific insights. Gathering both the traditional and modern perspectives of many schools of belief and teachings, finding her own truths within them while adapting methods and belief systems to her own personal understanding and methods of working. You could say that she is a little bit of everything rolled into one an inspirational and unique woman..

As a holistic therapist I promote the general wellbeing of mind, body and spirit. Having gained qualifications as a remedial massage therapist, a Reiki Master of several modalities, a vibrational energy therapist and a regression therapist. Gaining diploma's and certification in advanced personal awareness and psychic development programs.
Tarot card and psychic readings are given from a holistic perspective and aimed to help the client to make their own decisions through an informed choice together with the understanding that nothing is ever fixed in time, we can put into place changes within our lives that will affect the future outcome of a reading due to the choices that we make. 
My mission is to help others to put into place positive changes within their lives, so that they are empowered to find their own truths and infinite potential within. To be the best that they can be, while working to promote an awakening  global consciousness of universal love and compassion, so we can move into our next phase of evolution as physical and energetic beings, to make this world a better place for the future of mankind.
As an accomplished psychic I have won acclaim as the u.k's number one female paranormal event medium working with the United Kingdom's premier ghost hunting company Haunted Happenings. During this time I have had some wonderful opportunities  presented to me to travel and to be invloved in media work. I have been very fortunate to meet and work with a passionate team of colleagues, while meeting so many diverse people during the psychic suppers, corporate events, celebrity events and media promotions that are held in some of the most beautiful, historical and haunted buildings in the country.
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